Get Simple help.

How to get help

There are several ways to get help with Simple

Email us

A great way to access our expert-level support team is to email The whole team, all the way to the top, can see your request


You've already found the help documentation site - your question might be answered here.

Rock community chat

If you're using RockRMS, our team likes to hang out and help the community. You can find us on

Look for Ben Murphy (@support404), Luke Taylor (@luke.taylor), Jeff Ward (@jeffward), Steven Kelly (@stevenkelly), Taylor Brooks (@taylorbrooks) and Josh Crews (@joshcrews)

note: contacting the email inbox is best for getting your request in front of the most eyes at a time and getting the fastest response

Rock community recipes

We've crafted a number of recipes in the community to help you find insights about your givers, prepare and customize contribution statements, and more. You can find those by visiting and searching for 'Simple' in the organization drop-down.

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